Our Returning Citizens

One in three households in District 9 are impacted by incarceration. This demographic represents the most disenfranchised in our community that was the hardest hit by mass incarceration. My desire is to engage our returning citizens through education and fighting for resources to specifically address their needs.


Civic Engagement

No. 181: Restoring the Right to Vote for New Yorkers on Parole | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (ny.gov) allows people on parole and/or probation to have a legal right to vote, regardless of time served or crime.


In 2018, NY1 found that among the thousands of people released for parole, more and more are ending up in the shelter system (The New York prison-to-shelter pipeline (ny1.com))

I am actively supporting and fighting for Fair Chance for Housing (The New York City Council - File #: Int 2047-2020 (nyc.gov)) which is a law that ends discrimination in housing for people with criminal records by eliminating background checks for criminal activity when applying for housing. This alone would help reduce the homelessness rate in our District 9. 

In addition, I will seek to lower the median income to qualify for REAL affordable housing.

Mental Health

The trauma imposed on returning citizens by our unjust criminal system as well as the effects of COVID-19 needs to be addressed specifically. I will put much overdue effort into enacting legislation and securing resources targeted to address these issues.

I am proud to support the SHAWANNA W76337 ACT (Post Traumatic Prison Disorder) Silent Cry, Inc. and urge you to join me. This act's purpose is to address the mental health needs of individuals incarcerated in New York State and around the country.

Criminal Justice Reforms

I am actively supporting Senate Bill S2800 ("Right to Remain Silent") NY State Senate Bill S2800 (nysenate.gov) which amends procedures required for the custodial interrogation of children to provide additional protections and for taking juveniles into custody.

In addition, as I have done most of my life, I will continue to fight for