Our Human Rights

With protests and change beginning to happen slowly both in Albany and at City Hall, we need a real plan for police-community interaction that puts the power back in the hands of people.​ As well as engaging returning citizens and their right to vote: No. 181: Restoring the Right to Vote for New Yorkers on Parole | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (ny.gov)

Teen Engagement

The youth is our future. If you are a NYC resident, ages 16 to 24 years old, I encourage you to sign up to Alliance of Families for Justice's Youth Empowerment Project. Where you would get paid $25 for every two hours spent e-learning and empowering yourself to tackle the challenges inherent in protecting our communities and your future: Youth Empowerment Project-Alliance of Families for Justice (afj-ny.org)

In addition, knowing that New York law continues to fail to protect the rights of children under the age of 18, I am actively calling for passage of S. 4980B - Bailey /A.6982B - Joyner which is legislation requiring consultation with counsel before police interrogates children.

Community and NYPD Relations

Making connections, and integrations, between community and NYPD is key to progress

In my view a program needs to start to address the various components of the problem:

  • Racism - 43%​

  • Economics - 34%

  • Cultural Relativism - 18%

  • Open Apology - 6%

Program Components:

  • Immediate removal of deadly force. Any act resulting in death would be punishable by criminal law and loss of pension

  • Zero tolerance of white supremacy​ behavior before & after employment with NYPD accompanied by training on black interaction

  • Outside independent community review board of color for all investigation

  • A 2021 youth rollout to change the hearts and minds of young people with hope for a new enforcement perspective. Provide funds for mental health, youth restoration based on independent community review board